Lilium speciosum var. gloriosoides

ORIGIN: Eastern China, Taiwan


SOIL: Ideally rich, moist, but well drained.

EXPOSURE: Grown in part shade

GENERAL HABIT: Bulbous, herbaceous perennial
herb. Wiry flowering stems 1.5-4ft. in height.

FOLIAGE: Alternating, pale green, lanceolate foliage.
Somewhat glossy in appearance.

FLOWER: Blooms quite late in the summer
(September). 1-3 flowers produced. Down-facing,
strongly recurved tepals and petals. Flower color is a
pale cream with a hint of green when it first opens. It has
a pale red center with striking,  prominently raised red
papillae and green nectaries.  Very gently scented.

Fairly new species to cultivation and exceedingly rare.
One of the latest lily species to flower, this was
imported from China several years ago and has proven
itself to be quite temperamental and difficult to keep
alive after one year.
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